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Twitter Boosts Event Attendance for IABC Phoenix

Part of an integrated publicity campaign

During the year I managed IABC Phoenix’s professional development luncheons, we used Twitter, along with our website, email and other social media efforts, to build awareness of our programs. Twitter allowed us to create short, punchy messages, and to vary them to appeal to different audiences. In post-event surveys, attendees frequently mentioned Twitter as the way they first learned about our programs.

Here are some samples of tweets I wrote for three different programs.

I. Program: SEO for Writers & Communicators, featuring Sheila Kloefkorn of KEO Marketing

Great Writing + Smart SEO = Powerful Audience Impact. Learn more: @IABCPhoenix lunch, 11/19. Reg:

You put your heart & soul into your writing. Great SEO ensures people see it! Learn more at @IABCPhoenix lunch 11/19.

Write great copy for people AND for search engines! Learn SEO techniques for writers. @IABCPhoenix Lunch 11/19.

SEO tips for writers & communicators from SEO expert Sheila Kloefkorn @KEOMarketing. @IABCPhoenix lunch 11/19. Reg:

Great communication plan? Latest SEO techniques ensure you reach your target audience. @IABCPhoenix lunch 11/19. Reg:

II. Program: Think YOU Have Emergencies? Try Hospital Communications!, featuring communication leaders from Banner, Children’s and John C. Lincoln.

Need a stress test? Try hospital communications! @IABCPhoenix luncheon panel, Oct 15. Register:

Great communication keeps hospitals fit! Three top hospital communicators tell how. @IABCPhoenix lunch, 10/15. Register:

Communication on Steroids! Fast-paced hospital communication is panel topic at @IABCPhoenix lunch 10/15.  Register:

Twitter boosts IABC event attendance

III. Program: The Power of Breakthrough Creative, featuring creative directors from three Phoenix advertising agencies.

Learn the power of breakthrough creative from three top agency creative directors @IABCPhoenix luncheon 9/17. Reg:

Off Madison Ave, EB Lane, DeferoUSA creative directors share their secrets at @IABCPhoenix luncheon 9/17. Reg:

Communicators: Great CREATIVE means BUSINESS! Hear three top agency creative directors @IABCPhoenix Luncheon 9/17. Reg:


Writing Sample: Twitter Posts for Event Publicity

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Project Description:
To publicize IABC Phoenix professional development luncheons, I wrote a variety of Twitter posts which our board members then posted to their own networks of colleagues and friends. We created varied messages to appeal to different target groups, and repeated the messages over time to ensure they reached our audience of communicators, encouraged signups and increased attendance.

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